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2019 Hazel Rowley Fellowship winner

The winner of the 2019 Hazel Rowley Literary Fellowship was Eleanor Hogan who is writing a biographical work about the friendship between journalist Ernestine Hill and self-taught ethnologist Daisy Bates.  Eleanor was announced as the 2019 Fellowship winner at Adelaide Writers’ Week on 4 March 2019. Eleanor is our first Fellowship winner from the Northern Territory. For more information, visit our Fellowship page and Writers Victoria.

The announcement followed the Hazel Rowley Memorial Lecture given by writer Maria Tumarkin. Maria won the 2018 Melbourne Prize for Literature’s Best Writing Award for her book Axiomatic, published by Brow Books. Axiomatic was also shortlisted for the Victorian Premier’s Literary Awards 2019 and has been shortlisted for the Stella Prize.

Inaugural Fellow launching her book

We are pleased to announce that our inaugural Fellow, Mary Hoban is launching her book An Unconventional Wife: The life of Julia Sorell Arnold on Wednesday 3 April 2019. The book, which is published by Scribe, is being launched by Ellen Koshland, a founding Donor of the Stella Prize.

Peter Blazey Fellowship open

Applications for the 2019 Peter Blazey Fellowship are open from 18 March to 24 June. The Fellowship, which is administered by the Australia Centre at the University of Melbourne, is open to writers in the field of biography, autobiography and life writing.

Memorial Lectures and Fellowship announcement events

2019 Fellowship announcement on 4 March, with Maria Tumarkin giving the 2019 Hazel Rowley memorial lecture at Adelaide Writers’ Week. The 2019 fellowship winner was Eleanor Hogan.

Maria Tumarkin

Eleanor Hogan

Eleanor Hogan, Maria Tumarkin, Della Rowley

2018 Fellowship announcement on 8 March, with Jenny Hocking giving the 2018 Hazel Rowley memorial lecture on ‘The Politics of Biography’. The 2018 fellowship winner was Jacqueline Kent and a special award went to Drusilla Modjeska.

Jacqueline Kent, Drusilla Modjeska

Arnold Zable, Lynn Buchanan, Drusilla Modjeska, Della Rowley, Jacqueline Kent, Irene Tomaszewski

Jenny Hocking (Photo: Janusz Molinski)

2017 Fellowship announcement at Adelaide Writers’ Week, 9 March, with Maxine Beneba Clarke giving the 2017 Hazel Rowley memorial lecture. The 2017 fellowship winner was Ann-Marie Priest and a highly-commended award went to Suzanne Spunner.

Suzanne, Ann-Marie & Maxine

Suzanne Spunner, Ann-Marie Priest, Maxine Beneba Clarke

Maxine @ podium_crop

Maxine Beneba Clarke

Ann-Marie at podium

Ann-Marie Priest

2016 Fellowship announcement at the ‘Art of Biography’ panel discussion at the Wheeler Centre in Melbourne on 9 March. The 2016 Fellowship winner was Matthew Lamb.

Janine Burke, Stephany Steggall, Maxine Beneba Clarke, Caroline Baum

Janine Burke, Stephany Steggall, Maxine Beneba Clarke, Caroline Baum


Janine Burke, Caroline Baum, Stephany Steggall, Maxine Beneba Clarke


Della Rowley, Matthew Lamb

2015 Fellowship announcement at Adelaide Writers’ Week, 4 March, with David Marr giving the Hazel Rowley memorial lecture. The 2015 Fellowship winner was Caroline Baum.

Caroline, David & Della_crop

Caroline Baum, David Marr, Della Rowley

Audience at the 2015 Adelaide Writers Week Fellowship announcement.

Audience at Writers’ Week

Crowd at Writers Week.

Crowd at Writers’ Week

2014 Fellowship announcement at the Writers Victoria Biography Salon, with Janine Burke and Jim Davidson, 11 March in Melbourne. The 2014  Fellowship winner was Maxine Beneba Clarke.

2014 Fellowship winner Maxine Beneba Clarke and 2012 winner Mary Hoban.

Maxine Beneba Clarke, Mary Hoban

Della and Maxine 2014 Salon event

Maxine Beneba Clarke, Della Rowley

At the 2014 Fellowship award in Melbourne, from left, Fellowship judge Janine Burke, Fellowship winner Maxine Beneba Clarke, Della Rowley and Fellowship judge Jim Davidson.

Janine Burke, Maxine Beneba Clarke, Della Rowley, Jim Davidson

2013 Fellowship announcement at Adelaide Writers’ Week, 6 March, with Alex Miller giving the Hazel Rowley memorial lecture. The 2013 Fellowship winner was Stephany Evans Steggall.

At the 2013 Fellowship announcement at the Adelaide Writers Week, from left, Alex Miller, Della Rowley and Stephany Steggall.

Alex Miller, Della Rowley, Stephany Steggall

Alex Miller.

Alex Miller

Stephany Steggall

Stephany Steggall

2012 Fellowship announcement at the Wheeler Centre in Melbourne, 14 March, following a panel discussion with Alex Miller and Jim Davidson about  biography and writing. The 2012 Fellowship winner was Mary Hoban.

At the 2012 Fellowship announcement, from left, Della Rowley, Mary , Lynn Buchanan and Irene Tomaszewski.

Della Rowley, Mary Hoban, Lynn Buchanan, Irene Tomaszewski

Jim Davidson, Alex Miller, Fiona Gruber (MC).

Jim Davidson, Alex Miller, Fiona Gruber (MC)

Mary Hoban.

Mary Hoban